Think about the area full of mind-boggling findings anticipated in result of discoveries which results are still awaited and excavations continued…

Fertile Mesopotamia lands offering new clues about civilization share the mystery with visitors in Şanlıurfa buried in the depths of the history through Nevali Çori and 12000 years Göbeklitepe Temples laid under the water.

Şanlıurfa has become the center of interest of the world with its fascinating civilizations born and raised in Mesopotamia as well as Prophet Ibrahim with a unique richness of Balıklı lake and bazaars.

Şanlıurfa is a place rich with cultures connected with primitive, polytheistic and monotheistic religions, the oldest known settlement in the world with 12 thousand years history.

Nevali Hotel, which as a part of this significant heritage has taken its name from the oldest settlements of the region Nevali, with its position in the cradle of the civilization, cultural contest has started its way to host the world once again. Being inspired with the traditional hospitality and deep-rooted cultural legacy of Urfa Nevali Hotel will offer to experience again the glory of the region to anyone who come to visit this unique area.

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